Down Roundabout
You Don't Need to... If You Have to...
You Don't Need to... If You have to (detail)
You Don't Have To... If You Need To...
Mane Frame Number One
Mane Frame Number Two
Mane Frame 4
The Vulnerable Grover Conversation, (detail)
The Vulnerable Grover Conversation
Still a Smile... And Even a Smile
Sip Story...
This... Not That.
Sometimes Over Every Time
 Sometimes Over Every Time (Detail)
Your Deflating Moment... (detail)
Just Talk To Me...
Just Talk To Me (detail)
We Have Been Thinking... And Thinking
Did You Do as You Do?
Fortresses and Other Fortresses (and Other Fortresses)
Try Understanding a Shadow as wellas He Does
I am Asking and I Figured It Out
I Forgot. Well I'm Pretty Sure I Forgot.
Empathy... Epiphany... Enigma... Question Mark... ?
Maybe There Was Some Thinking About Far Away Places
Question: When You're Feeling...
This Time, Only Different... Yes
I Will See Your Faces When I Say Goobye
Trust me, I'm Confused Too
I Am Working On It
That White Whale Looks a Bit Blue To Me
There is a Feeling, Comfort? Content? Tough to Say...
Always Presenting
I'm Pretty Sure it was the Right Thing To Do
But I Have Been Wrong Before
I am the Asteroid
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